Here’s How You Get Better Results Submitting Music


How to Get Better Results Submitting Music


Here’s How You Get Better Results Submitting Music

One of the main ingredients at the core of any submission, is quality content. Quality content will be the main reason you get a response, or not. You can eliminate the guess work by focusing on presenting top-notch material. There may be others seeking after the same opportunities and the one that has the best quality, along with the right proposal, typically wins. One of the worst things an entertainment professional can do is associate themselves with subpar quality. Word travels fast for those who do bad business, or have bad products and services.

When it comes to submitting material, a few things should be kept in mind. First, always put yourself in the mind of who you’re sending the material to. Make sure you organize it, and make it both easy, yet enjoyable, for them to check out. One of the most common mistakes artists make, is not making sure all of their links work that are included in their press kits for submissions. That’s definitely not putting your best foot forward and some may find it to be unprofessional. As a result, it often wastes time and more than likely, you won’t get a second look.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that access to the material is user friendly for their ultimate experience. The harder someone has to work to look, or listen, the less chance you have at securing the opportunity. Always remember, time is money. It’s best to keep the steps to a minimum making it easy for the one that will be reviewing your material. It’s important to make sure you follow the submission instructions also. Several aspiring entertainers never hear back from companies because they didn’t look for, nor did they follow, the submission instructions. So for that reason several companies screen out material due to incorrect submissions.

A standard electronic press kit may include:

Photo of Artist

Album Cover


Content/ Music/ Video

Social Media Info

Contact Info

Here’s How You Get Better Results Submitting Music